2. fantagraphics:

    Locas Gothic. Xaime ‘98.

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  4. timetravelandrocketpoweredapes:

    Batman Riding Godzilla by invisiblepredator

    It’s canon.


  5. heyitsjanna:

    In The Mood for Love illustration by Adrian Tomine

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    Adrian Tomine


  7. aledlewis:

    Player 2 Has Entered The Game

    My piece for Gallery1988’s Crazy 4 Cult show in NYC, opening this Thursday. More info on my Facebook Page!

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  8. Mulholland Drive by Adrian Tomine

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  9. deplorableword:

    New Yorker covers by Adrian Tomine


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    Detail of the Adrian Tomine New Yorker Cover (fiction issue, 2007) (di m kasahara)


  12. meltingprism:

    by Adrian Tomine

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  13. comicallyvintage:

    I’m Chicken!



  15. superpunch2:

    Charles Atlas comic by Chip Zdarsky for the National Post.