1. keaneoncomics:

    Shadowcat and Lockheed (by DTJAAAAM)

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  2. comicsalliance:

    Beyoncé just broke the Internet.

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  3. geekcubed:

    Wonder Woman * Cosplay * Cheerleader

    Double points for team cosplay.

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  6. underprk:

    Hey Supergirl / Dangerousladies

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  9. raehimura:

    Extras from the Earth 11 Blue and Gold photoshoot at SDCC.

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  11. whoismistere:

    Phenomenal Donna Troy cosplay


    Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)

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  12. comicbookcosplay:

    Power Girl

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  13. elliottmarshal:

    [Image descriptions: Two cosplayers, perched on a concrete ledge. The left we have Booster Gold, complete with an Obnoxious Superhero Pose™. They stand with one foot on the ledge, showcasing their crotch. They have one fist raised and clenched, with the other hand at their side. On the right we have a perfect cosplay of Jaime Reyes aka The Blue Beetle! They are sat on the stone ledge with one knee raised. Their elbow rests against the raised knee, and they look over their shoulder down at the photographer.]

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  15. iheartchaos:

    Cosplay of the day: Female Link

    It’s too dangerous to go alone, take this.